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Arenal Volcano


14-15 Hours

5:00am Pick-up

Ages 6+

$295 per person

(min. 4 people)


This tour includes private transportation, breakfast and lunch, and a dedicated, certified bilingual guide

Arenal Volcano is one of Costa Rica’s most famous destination spots. It is a stratovolcano - a symmetrical cone-shaped volcano formed from sticky lava that doesn’t flow easily, and therefore builds up around the vent, forming a volcano with steep sides. At 5,437 feet (1,657 meters), it towers over the surrounding countryside. It last erupted in 2010 and is now in an indefinite resting phase.  


For our Arenal Volcano Day Tour, you will be picked up from your house or hotel at 5am. You read that right. The early start guarantees that you will have maximum time to enjoy yourself once we arrive at Arenal. You will be driven by your private chauffeur and bilingual naturalist guide in a spacious and comfortable vehicle, and driven for about an hour before stopping for breakfast at a buffet style restaurant serving typical Costa Rican cuisine and pastries as well as fresh fruits and coffee. 


After breakfast, it will take around 2.5 hours to arrive at Sky Adventures Arenal Park. During the drive your knowledgeable guide will share local history and wildlife facts, while pointing out sites of interest along the way. After checking in at Sky’s state-of-the-art facilities, we will take sky tram gondolas through the forest on the outskirts of the volcano and enjoy one of the best views available of the volcano and Arenal Lake while we make our mountainous ascent. Next we will explore the intricate system of hanging bridges and hiking trails, leading to an incredible lookout point perched above the lake known as “La Mano de Arenal” (the Hand of Arenal) for the hand-shaped sculpture installed there. 


We will stop for lunch about 10 minutes outside the park, at a local’s favorite spot with a highly customizable menu of Latin American classics while enjoying an epic view. After lunch we will drive a half an hour to the most exclusive and luxurious hot springs in all of Arenal, EcoTermales. We will enjoy the natural springs and pools of varying temperatures in perfect harmony with the local flora with access to a full service bar and restaurant for a few hours before we return you to your lodgings between 7 and 8 p.m.


Who is this tour for?

This “bucket list” tour is a full day of memory-making fun to savor long after you have left Costa Rica. It is suitable for people of moderate physical abilities. Degree of Difficulty: Easy to Moderate. General walking, trail hiking and hanging bridges. Members of your group can opt out of any of these activities.


Your day includes:

  • Door-to-door spacious and comfortable transportation with your private chauffeur and bilingual naturalist guide on board. Your day begins early with a 5:00am pick-up. This early start will give us maximum time to enjoy Arenal!

  • An hour-long drive to our breakfast stop  at a buffet style restaurant, serving typical Costa Rican cuisine and pastries as well as fresh fruits and coffee.

  • A 2.5 hour drive to reach Arenal, during which your knowledgeable guide will share history and wildlife facts and point out sites of interest.

  • Sky Adventures Arenal Park, where we will take a sky tram gondola in order to access unparalleled views of the volcano and Arenal Lake. While there we will also explore the system of hanging bridges and hiking trails and enjoy an incredible lookout point, “La Mano de Arenal.

  • Lunch will be at La Ventanita, just 10 minutes from the park, with many Latin American favorites on the menu.

  • A half-hour drive will take us to EcoTermales where we will enjoy a relaxed few hours enjoying the pools, hot springs, and amenities.

  • A safe return to your lodgings with an arrival between 7 and 8 p.m.


Included in your tour: Private certified guide and driver, breakfast, lunch, entrance fees, all activities mentioned above, bottled water

Not included: Tips, souvenirs

What to bring: Good walking shoes, water shoes if desired, bathing suit and towel and change of clothes, sunscreen, hats, bug repellent, cameras, binoculars, snacks (especially if traveling with children), motion sickness medication if needed (our Costa Rican roads can be bumpy). Bottled water provided, but feel free to bring your own beverages if preferred.

The Best in Costa Rica Private Tours!

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